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We try to gather players in the vicinity so that we can attend games together. We're mostly trying to attend public games that are arranged by AC Paintball (Ramstalund/Örsundsbro) or Alunda Airsoft Allience (A3, Alunda). We would love to see more female players.

All of our activities are planned through our Discord server! Please contact us there!

We have our own airsoft team, USAF (Uppsala Special Airsoft Forces) who usually have exercises every second Sunday. USAF's playstile mimics those of US Ranger Recon unit where the main tasks are observation, saboutage and ambush.

What is airsoft?

Airsoft - as the sport is called - is also known under the name "soft air gun" as the guns are called. Airsoft is very similar to the more famous paintball in a lot of ways, but puts its focus more on feeling and realism than pure sport. You often carry camouflage uniform and the guns both look and feel very realistic. Different from paintball that often has a tank on top of the gun, soft air guns have - just like real guns - exchangeable magazines, and many models even have recoil to feel as real as possible. Instad of plastic balls filled with paint you fire small compact plastic bullets, called BBs. Since you cannot see a direct hit with a colour splash the game is more based on good sportsmanship and honour. It can hurt to get hit if it strikes bare skin, but if you have clothes on it usually doesn't feel worse than a tap on the shoulder. For safety reasons you always have to wear safety goggles, and you can also wear a mask to protect the entire face.


There are many different playstyles, everything from "run & gun sunday games" where you usually just play around and shoot each other on a small field, to large so called MilSim (Military Simulation) games that are very realistic. These games have certain demands on the players such as uniform, performance, guns, etc. Here the whole warmachine is running as well with officers, headquarters, communication, bases, camps, observation posts and a lot more. The players in these games can expect a lot more physical labour than just shooting. This is when cooperation and team spirit is really put to the test. It's tough, but a very rewarding and amazing experience.


In USAF we like both kinds of games and we like mizing them up. The members in our team is everything from couch potatoes to keyboard warriors to real soldiers. Different from what many believe, we have no ties to the Swedish Armed Forces. We just took the chance to move the computer games out into nature to combine our hobby with physical activity.

USAF is trying to play as an US Ranger Recon unit and therefore we play with the Digital Woodland (MARPAT) camouflage system and the M4/M15/M16 weapon systems. We also try to make sure that all players have a personal radio. We currently onle have one female player and therefore we would love to see more girls joining the team.

Since the guns are very realistic they are also classified as "weapons with limited effect" according to Swedish law. Because of this you must handle, store and transport them correctly. You must also be 18 years or older to be allowed to own and handle them.