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Card- & Board games

Right now we're mostly playing Magic the Gathering, Cards Against Humanity and Betrayal at House on the Hill. The meetups are spontanious rather than scheduled. We would like to find more members who wants to play these kinds of games.

All of our activities are planned through our Discord server! Please contact us there!

When we have meetups it's mostly at our locale at Studiefrämjandet Portalen in central Uppsala.

What are card- & board games?

There are so incredibly many different games that it's hard to summarize, there's something for everyone's taste. In the card game "Magic the Gathering" you fight each other through different creatures that are on the cards, and some cards change the abilities of these creatures. It becomes a turn based game where you have to think tactically with the cards you have on hand. In Cards Against Humanity you have to create as funny and/or dark card combinations as you can with the cards you're given.


Board games can be anything from classics like chess and Monopoly to adventure games such as Betrayal at House on the Hill. There you get to choose an archetype as a piece that will then more around on a board that's supposed to be a haunted house. It later turns out that one of the players is actually a monster that's trying to kill the others.