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Roleplaying games

Since Gargul is a big association with a lot of members we act as a hub, a meeting place and a network where players can find groups to join, or where game masters can find new players to their campaigns. Meetups mostly take place at our locale at Studiefrämjandet Portalen in central Uppsala.

All of our activities are planned through our Discord server! Please contact us there!

Roleplaying games is the largest part of our activities and therefore we also play a lot of different games; including Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 ed & 5th ed), Star Wars World of Darkness, Trudvang Chronicles, Cypher System, Drakar & Demoner and Mutant. Some groups meet up several times a week, others once a week and some 1-2 times a month.

What are roleplaying games?

Roleplaying games is a rulebook- and dice-based adventure game where the world and everything in it is controlled by a game master. The players create their own characters according to their own will but within the framework of the game's rules. You could say that a roleplaying game is like a movie where the game master is the director and the players are the leading roles. We usually have insanely fun during our sessions and laughter from both game master and players echo in the halls. Anything can happen in the world of a roleplaying game - from silly mishaps and sad losses to epic and heroic deeds that will impress the Gods. Best the best part is always the dynamic of the group.

Roleplaying games very a lot between fantasy and reality, different worlds and different eras. It can be anything from so called "high fantasy" with elves, dragons, magic and monsters like J. R. R. Tolkien's book series "Lord of the Rings"; or the dark dystopian feeling of chaos and hopelessness in the more down to earth game World of Darkness with its modern age taking place in our real world. Other games such as Trudvang Chronicles focus more on old norse and celtic mythology. Some games such as Dungeons & Dragons are more focused on "dungeon-crawl" and are more superficial in their structure, much like computer games. Others such as Cypher System puts a much bigger focus on the roleplaying and you almost have to act and larp during the sessions.


When you play a roleplaying game, you write down your character on a dedicated character sheet, sometimes called a player form. That sheet contains all of your characters' abilities, knowledges, what it owns and what it carries along.

Many events in the game is decided by rolling dice, and there's a whole bunch of different dice for different purposes. There are dice that have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and faces. One of the world's biggest and most popular games - Dungeons & Dragons - mainly use 20-faced dice (called d20) and therefore that specific die has become an icon for roleplayers around the world.

As a roleplayer you get to practice a lot to get into character and act your part, even if it'll give your character disadvantages. You learn social intrigues and what consequences your actions will have; as well as that you might get treated differently depending on how you look, where you come from, what you like or what you believe in. In many ways, roleplaying games are an accurate reflection of the real world that can be explored without any danger or harm for the player.