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Right now we're mostly playing Bolt Action (based on the Second World War) and Warhammer 40.000. There is also a certain interest for Warhammer Fantasy.

All of our activities are planned through our Discord server! Please contact us there!

We mostly meet up on Saturdays 12 pm - 9 pm at our locale at Studiefrämjandet Portalen in central Uppsala.


What are wargames?

Wargames is like an enlarged version of board games for strategy, like a developed version of chess. Two players or more decorate the table with terrain, buildings, etc. and build up a battlefield. Every player have their own army that can contain everything from infantry to tanks and planes. The models are placed out at differnt positions on the battlefield, and the battle can begin!

You use rulers and measurements to measure distances, ranges and movements for the troops. The game is turn based and the different units can use the terrain when they move through it, such as taking cover behind a rock. Different troops have different kinds of weapons, equipment and movements and you have to learn to use them to your biggest advantage. In the game itself you roll dice which will work as the "human factor" for the troops and decide whether you hit or miss your target, or what effect your action will have.

One of the most famous wargames is Warhammer 40.000, a sci-fi game of a dark and grim future where the Imperium of Man is fighting orcs, aliens and chaos demons.


One great aspect of wargames is that all of your units come in the shape of a modelling kit. You then assemble them part by part and paint them so that every unit gets your personal touch.

Every model comes in a box with all the parts + a little extra as well as an instruction booklet. With some simple tools and paints from an arts & crafts store you can start assembling your models immediately. You can either assemble it first and them paint over everything, or you paint every part individually for more attention to detail. When you assemble them, you can use different parts to make them all a little unique.

When it comes to painting you can either follow one of the suggested patterns in the instruction booklets, or do something completely on your own, depending what you feel like.