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Our core values

Gargul is a non-profit organisation with no ties to any religion or political party. This means that everyone is welcome to us, no matter identity, sexuality, ethnicity, faith or political views. None of our members should ever feel stepped on, set aside or that they have to defend themselves or their style, identity and convictions.

Due to this, Gargul also have a code of conduct that must be followed on all of our events:
- Respect that not everyone have the same opinions on different topics.
- Interpret others in good faith in all interactions. Listen if someone is trying to make you aware of a problem.
- Respect each others boundaries.
- Take responsibility for your actions.
- Be objective and stay on topic in all discussions, no matter if it's a physical meeting or over Discord.
- "Agree to Disagree" is better than creating a tense situation.
- Any form of harassment, patronizing or insults is strictly forbidden, especially personal attacks.
- Zero tolerance of all kinds of assault and abuse.
- It's not allowed to cheat, bribe, delay, saboutage or in any other way affect the game and your fellow players negatively.
- It's not allowed to use or publish any offensive, hateful, patronizing, harassing, discriminating, politically charged or strongly religious material during our events or on our Discord.

If a member breaks the code of conduct it might be a reason to have their membership revoked. The person responsible for the event (often the group leader) have the right to ask a member to leave the event. In the end it's the board that decides if a member has broken the code of conduct and gone against our core values or not, and if it's enough to start the process of revoking their membership.

Visitors have a duty to inform themselves about our rules before attending our events. Likewise, the association has a duty to make these easily accessible, such as publishing them on the website.